Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Its been a year....


Its been a year since I left my music career and join Emirates to pursue my dream to fly, meet people and see the world..... And oh my have the time passed me by so fast I didn't even realized it. I have been flying and I have seen some of the things and places that I only dream to see or had a glimps on TV. I am still in disbelieve sometimes when I got to certain destination that I have never been before. I remembered the feeling when I first set foot on the African soil.... Nairobi, Kenya. Oh my goodness gracious.. I have never been so happy. I kept looking outside my hotel room windows and talking to myself, asking myself if its really real or its just a dream?..
And then after that,I kept on discovering something new everytime I came to a new place... like Paris, Milan, Mauritius, Munich, Vienna, Venice, Thailand and so on ..... I learned that I am always going to be amazed by everything I see and touch .... I treasure every bit of experiences that I get to grasp.
I remembered deciding to buy a new camera, so that I get to take whatever was in my way to remember everything and share it with my friends and family ...... It was very exciting....
I miss singing ..... I do .... but I just had to do this for myself and open my eyes to different possibilities....
Now that I met so many new people.... new friends and new meaning of moving on, I cant say that I regreted leaving what I had behind and coming to Dubai to start something new. I know somehow or rather, this is good for me and I am so grateful that I am capable and I am brave enough to take a step forward. A step to the unknown world.

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Kaamatan Tambunan - Sabah

These picture was taken on my last visit home.... I actually got the chance to attend one of the Harvest Festival held back in my village town .... so I am very exited.. theres actually more pictures. but I am just goin to put a lil of em ... anyways....enjoy!

Friday, 6 June 2008

Milano, Italio

Poet of a Free Spirit

When I started to write this title, I actually don't know what exactly what to write about. With a smile on my face, and a movie playing to cure my boredom, I feel like I am in a dream.... And I am missing someone dear to me so so much that it hurts. But hey, at least I have a little time to update my blog after so long.....

A spirit that lives in me
Breath and makes my heart beat
Make me whole in many ways
I wonder how I'd survive
without a simple kiss from my night wonderer
I cant imagine now
living this wonderful life without the warmth of its presents
I'd give everything to just feel its touch
feeling safe as my free spirit roar with eagerness
I hunger for a love that was promised to me
thirst for a hug or a kiss
I never thought I could love like this
I never thought that I see so many things
things I could only dream of
things that I could only wished for
Here my free spirit awaits
for it to be singing again
waiting for its prince to come home again
make me whole again....

Petronella Suan

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

A Journey To Remember

Dear Bloggers....
I have created this blog, again in E-blogger because I wanted to start to post the pictures that I have taken and will take in the future here to share with friends and other bloggers.
Just wanted to start a new one because so much had happen to me lately and I just want a new start for this..... Hope everyone will enjoy it.... and I will try to exceed to your expectation.
I am now a Frog- Jumping with joy in its swamp world.

Since I came to Dubai .... Life has been unexpectedly amazing for me. I knew from the start that its going to be different and life will definitely unfold like MAD in the ways that I could never imagined it to be... But, its much much more then it is..... Its not about me .... its not about you... but its all about what lies and destined for each and everyone of us in this world...
Dedicated to all that I have hurt and those who supported me through this journey .... (you know who you are) I am so sorry for all the pain that I have caused you and thanks a million for being there for me.....

This is a journey to remember.....