Wednesday, 18 March 2009

My Italian Vacation!

when we reached in Venice. It didnt hit us us yet that we left Dubai and standing in another foriegn land.

It’s a great day to start our vacation …. Sun was shining, a sign of great expectation and suprises…. LOVE IS IN THE AIR.
Took a bus to Venice, and when we as to approach the city, the smell of the ocean started to sting the sense of our nose. It reminded me the smell when I used to be home and me and the rest of the family went to the beach to spend a day out; fishing, swimming and just be there rain or shine, night or day. That was a good day.
But it was far from the view I am used to. Old structure and new blended together with so many colors to compliment the marriage between these two world…
When we got there, its amazing how much I remember things from the last visit to Venice. It was more than a visit this time. Its more interesting to actually spending it with someone special. Its more fun and exciting. Its more romantic.
I was reminded constantly that the mother of a friend really wanted to come and visit Venice, before the city sink she said. I cant help but wonder if I should send her a postcard or pictures of the city just for her.
Anyways, we took the boat through the canal … and we reached the Grand destination of the city which was where placed Saint Marks Church. But before we went into the church, we went for a short visit to “The Bridge of Tears”. It is known as this name for its purpose of existence whereby it used to bring the prisoners that was found guilty passing onto the bridge from where they were prosecuted to where they were executed. And here where they family will see them for the last time of their life. Nothing much to see as repairing activities was seen around the bridge.
Proceeding next to The Magnificent Saint Mark’s Church. Too bad I cant take any pictures in the church. NO cameras and video camera allowed. But what I saw inside was something that I cant describe. But I will try my best.
When I went up that maroonish clay steps, I saw the doors accompanied rounded door arch that’s covered with gold and patterns which mesmerized my view. Nenad told me that its pure gold. I was like really ???? and thought to myself; If that was in Tuaran, probably it would be gone for centuries. Stepping onto the uneven floors of the church, there’s pictures and patterns placed in the floor with old marbles everywhere. Old statues made by dark woods, and confessions booths on the left and right side of the church. It was such an amazing feeling, knowing that everything you feel and see its just full of history and old. We had to pay 3euros or so to see the treasury chamber. There, we saw all kinds of old sculpture with holy pictures, vases, candle sticks and loads of other things. As much as I admire this, there was never ending questions in my heart. Do God really wants this to be some kind of things that we would treasure??? Is it special because of its use or because its covered with rubies and gold? But then again magnificent to see that such thing was created and treasured until now.
There are some items which written in Cyrillic, and Nenad said, some of these items used to belong to the Orthodox Church. And some items resemble Arabic identity as well. As I was going around the racks, I thought the tour was over in the room. But on the left some other things caught my eyes… slowly minding my steps to move closer to the other side of the room, throwing a careful glace at the keeper of the room who was watching me as I pass. There I saw something really freaky. There was bunch of old relics, possessions of someone… Bones and human part placed in nicely framed glass bottle. “this looks like a small hand and this is like part or an arm bones….” I said. Hmm .. why whould they keep such thing in a church ?? ?they have their own reason maybe. I tried to read some of the writings on them, some was written in Italian and some I just cant remember anymore.
but as I googled about this, I realized that theres more to this than it is… interesting love stories and some other things that I recommend everyone to have a read.

As we walking along in Venice, I recommend as well for everyone to watch where they going or where they’re stepping. One of the obvious reason is the way the town is built. Its like a gigantic puzzle…. You never know where you might end up .. quite interesting actually…. Especially when you pretend that you’re lost and you’re with someone special. Its so romantic. One other reason is the “Dog Poo”…. Its everywhere. Italians love to have a pet with them everywhere. But they don’t care that their dog poo everywhere…. Hahhahah so bear in mind, to check where you’re stepping aight!
its all about food in Italy... hehhe not really, Its actually just for me .... :) this is lunch in venice for us... :) yummy!

2 days in Venice, and Nenad’s family is already there joining us… Its so funny , they seemed to think that I am Japanese… and they kept on staring at me all the chance they get …. But I was staring at them as much as they do as well. They are just so adorable and so cute. I just wish that we could understand each other more.

And then on our way to the mountain side.

As we were driving along, I cant help but think how lucky I am to be here. The mountains that were slowly approaching, seems to me becoming whiter and whiter… I can actually see the snow on top of the mountains now. Not only that, I realized that there’s a lot of churches as well on every town that we pass. They are so beautiful with bell tower on each.
As we arrived at the place that we’re going to live in 7 days or so, we had to wait for a almost an hour for the owner to come and give us the keys. Buts its okay, we occupied the time by throwing snows at each other.

Night has come and we have unpacked and settled. So after dinner and shower… we went to bed for an early start tomorrow. Exiting yet scary for me. Its going to be ny first skiing lesson…. So praying that I would do well ….

Good morning! Italy!
My first day of skiing.. and Nenad will be my personal instructor. My gosh people…. I have been saying Nenad’s name all the time…! But I haven’t said anything about who he was! Sorry …. Nenad is my current partner.. :) and me and Nenad are having a week of skiing holiday together with his sister, brother in law and 2 nieces….
Anyways, there I was with my rented skiing equipments ( the amount of money that I pay as children would pay because it was all so small) trying to catch my breath. Its not helping at all… I was so nervous and almost getting a panic attack ! well almost… Until we have to climb up 3 set of stairs in those ski boots which by the way is not very comfortable to begin with. The only thing I was thinking of when I was gasping for air climbing up, is how unfit I was. And how I got to try to act normal, as those little nieces of Nenad was climbing up like they were just walking on clouds.
As we reached the Gondola I was becoming more and more nervous, but then reaching to the top of the mountain and seeing this magnificent view from the top … I just became calm and relaxed. Like nothing can make me sad… like everything was perfect. Sun was shining. Wind was blowing, and the sky was clear….. Everything is white covered with pure looking snow….
Trees are sleeping and some stand proud and some bow before our presence. How wonderful was God’s creation. My heart set a prayer and sending it together with great thanks.
So here I am. The feeling of snow as I walk on it…. The sound of it makes me tingle inside. It’s so white. Crowd was getting ready to ski with their new skis and boots. Their fancy suit… Nenad said “Italians”.. I just smile….they even wears make up and their hair looks perfect all the time. And I was looking at myself… and I told myself how horrible I looked with those silly pick beeney on my head. But who cares… I am not Italian …
The first thing that I learned on the first day was how to actually put the ski on and slide through the snow.. that wasn’t that bad. At all ... and then when It was time to go down the slope… well, lets just say at the end of the day I had few bruises here and there, oh let me rephrase that, it is actually everywhere.
2nd day, learned something new….3rd day got a little better and 4th, 5th, 6th .. I cant believe I am actually skiing…. At some point I was ready to cry and give it all up. But I was lucky to have a good instructor to begin with. He is so calm and gentle. And all his encouragement was helpful and it worked. Now, I am skiing and I was feeling great ….
There’s few times I ended up running over trees or people… but now I can actually be confident enough to go through the harder slopes and stop when I want to.
Last day of skiing, We went to all side of the mountains…. And seen more amazing views. I wish I could bring my family to see all this, It’s the most amazing feelings. Today, I am not going to be perfect, I just want to have fun and who cares if I humiliate myself. And I did… I had a blast.
So there you go… that my trip to Italia. Nothing much to tell about skiing, because all the pictures will tell the rest of it. 7 days skiing, eating, boozing ( wine, beer and grappa ) and more skiing… its great!

more pictures coming....