Monday, 2 March 2009

On the Roll on the inspiration

People asked me so many times ... about me coming back in the music industry again. And I honestly dont know what to say to them. But what I do know is that I still love music in my life and I still dream of one day I will come back to the scene.....

Right now though, I am happy where I am. I miss singing all the time. The thrill and the adrenaline rush in my blood when I hit that stage or started singing. I am so happy to still have that passion in me. And even better I started to find the reason I love it in the first place.

Recently I started writing songs again and. Getting in touch with my music and my passion for the art. I even contacted my producer friend Greg Handerson and let him listen to my stuff that I wrote, and he is so far impressed with what I came up with. So I was inspired to plan more things for me in the future. Another album? but if this plans works out, I wanna be able to do it my way or the highway. I also did as a part time hobby to make clips for my old songs in my Self Titled Album - Petronella using my new gadget that I just bought .... Its so exiting to work on it :)

But for now, I cant YET post it anywhere because I really want to do the best I can .. hopefully after I come back from my leave in Italy. So I will keep you posted on that.

And as for my songs.... I need to go home and get some recording going on .. I will work on some songs with maybe Greg Handerson. But I also think that I should give a chance to some other producer from my Birth place, Sabah ... so any proposal ?

Anyways... I am so exited about this guys ... wish me the best luck !

Until then, Aramai TIH !

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Confession of a Bitch to all Bitches!

"Mengelimut" a.k.a - Bitching
I met a friend recently and we had a chat about my music career. and when we were talking and talking it leads us into talking about my clips "Laguku-With Atama" in youtube. He told me that a lot of people commented about the clip. I was like "really?" . I never really bothered to see if there is comments and dont really gives a damn what they are writing in there. But thanks to my friend, ( He made me read them all ) I had the chance to really sit there and read, all of them. If you wanna know more about it... go to youtube and search for petronella-laguku.

Turns out many people like and also hated the song and the clip. hahahha for the people that has been there and commented nice things, I am grateful. And for the people that commented nasty things in there, well I gotta say... I agree with you 90% on that. It is not the best song, not the best colaboration, not the best clips made ever. For some that really wanted to know how this clip was made, well ... It was made during our visit back to KK in a friend's house in Likas. It was not planned and nothing was actually thought through. I wont dispose the person who helped me make the clip, but i can asure you, he is a person with great ideas and a person who actually countable. Very Rare. Anyways, yeah ... its like I did my own make up and stuff.... using a normal video cam. and loads of industrial lights. We put away most of the furniture aside, which my friend's mom didnt mind while she was baking mouth watering cakes in the kitchen and his dad was reading the news paper as well. And they were sweet to sacrifice their time watching some TV just to let us do this. called up Atama and just suggested that we should do this. Just for fun while we are here. My record label didnt even know about this and there is not even a single cent spent, but time and effort.

And I'd like to say to all this Bitches out there, that "limut limut" in youtube, dont underestimate the fact that people actually put so much into something.
Back to the song colaboration, I decided to have Atama in the song, honestly because he is a good artiste in the first place. He is on of the most successful person in Sabah that actually strive to achieve success and took pride in what he does. He has fanbase that helped me reach out to a different level. Business perspectives, he is the right man in my list. and my judgement it right. My song ( laguku- feat Atama ) became one of the top 10 songs in the chart in Xfresh for weaks.. and listeners requested the song to be played on radios throughout the country...and that is a great achievement for us.
Again, stressing here... that what you guys see was not the true color of the industry. they said what they wanna say... but they dont even know anything about it. I have been there you guys.. and there's so many things that you dont know happening.

Icons is not as "Iconish" as you think they are. Miss Goodie Goodie is not as angelic as they potray themselves to be. and celebrities.. well, they are not Hollywood celebrities. Unless they are born with million ringgit ASS, or Daddy's gurl... they are not that rich. Apart for Datuk Siti Nurhaliza who score the Jackpot!
So the point is. why do people like to Bitch about other people.... Poeple that they know, or people that they dont know... I cant understand why they can be so ignorant and think that they know everything about something or someone and they dont. I bitch as well, and swear in the name of a frog! I dont feel good doing it at all. And I felt so bad, I only can make it up by telling it to the person I bitch about. They hate me after that, but hey at least I can forget about it.
sometimes makes me wonder, arent they afraid that somehow these things that they accused of people doing, it can actually happen to them as well ? like mothers bitch about the neighbours daughter getting pregnant and had to get married, and they have a daughter as well. Or a gurl who's saying all this bad things about this other girl, because they are somehow rather .. (hmmm how should I put this.. ) ah yes.. Gifted or lucky. I guess, making people look bad makes themselves look better. stepping on people's head makes them feel superior. How sad.

A tabloid magazine journalist told me something before. I cant get the coverage that I need because I am too CLEAN. what????! yes. Basically, I dont have enough juicy gossip about me for people to read in magazine to make people be more interested about me. How bad was that !?
and she offered to write something that is not true so that I can be in the radar. I mean, was my music so bad that I have to actually sell myself out. so people here i am again, telling those people that said I am a flop thats why I leave the industry.... well, If I am a flop... I would give up before spending endless struggle in this industry years before. I love what I do, its just that the people that I work with was just hmmm what can I call them ? Pain in the ARSE! and partly I dont wanna be treated like I am worth nothing just because I dont appear on TV as much as the other reality TV people out there. There you go .. reasons of me being here in Dubai, rather than suffer doing what I like.
People that are genuinely music lover are the people who can actually see beyond what they see.
same goes with eveything in life. they only good things in what they see.. like some people see the rain as a bad weather, but some people see it as a "blessing" from God. These people, they are rare.

And here i am. Inspired and ready to write yet another Blog. I have come across many critics in my life. Especially those who judge me throughout my singing career. I have been angry, upset, and sad when I heard all of them. But then again, Human are just human. its hard to pleased them. they will always want more. I realized that all you can do is live the life to the fullest , and let all the loser keep Bitching... cause when the more they Bitch, it means you doing great. hahhah .. thats a good way to tell if you doing great or not hhahahha ... but bare in mind people when you're down you will hear those loser say " Nah kan ... tulah .... padan muka .. itulah itu , itulah ini.. " well, like I like to believe, its always greener after the rain ... we fall so we can stand up again. Dont worry, Shit always happen. Dont let this Bitchers bother you.

The best thing always for the last. Before I became a singer, and that was when I was in High School. I was a popular kid as well. Not that kind of popular, but I was marked as the worst reputation that made me a lonely kid, with teachers on my ass and people pointing fingers at me. I admitted, that I didnt take it very well, thinking "if they say I am that, I will be that" ...
I was a black sheep lost and miserable. It all started with one person started a rumor about me.. then it continue to ruin me.

But then, oppurtunity shine on me... and I became a singer.this time the luck is on my side. I cant believe how much people showed to me how much they love me and said nice things to me. everybody suddenly became my friend, uncle, aunt, and any family relation you can think of. I was in radar ... I know, that I was just "there" because they saw me on TV, doing what I like and becoming someone. Its not much, but enough to be proud and to make my family proud...

My happy days in High school( in the photo)

I had a second chance. Praise to GOD.

Face it, nobody is perfect in this world. But I believe that every individuals has their own "Gift" that no one elses have.

Bah ... akhir kata.... kalau kita mau mula mengelimut....kasi ingat ingat la diri sendiri ... sia tau juga susah tu .. tapi sia tau, yang kita semua ada kebaikan dalam hati masing masing.... jen lagi lah suka mengelimut pasal urang. abis nanti apa urang cakap tu ??? kebalikan? lagipun teda guna juga tu ... sia sini sambil sharing sharing.... sia sendiri pun pandai juga mengelimut kadang kadang ..tapi sia cuba juga mau memperbaiki ni. sama sama lah kita berusaha dan moga moga berjaya. bah hino koh poh.... kada mengelimut nepe...

Till next blog. God Bless

I am a shopaholic.. Oh Shit!

Ironic. I just watched the movie “confession of a shopaholic” in the cinema. You think that I would think twice of getting some more things that I don’t need and spending money like they fall from the sky, but NO… I went on buying a mini so called “travelling-guitar” and a stand that comes with it. And then I bought a “travel-mouse” for my lappy, cos I thought I need it and its cute. For some reasons, I seriously thought that I need a camera stand desperately.

Set of Pink Black Polka Dot Travel bags. And a practical Green one. Whole thing was DHS320

A Camera Stand. Worth Dhs86
Travel Mouse. Dhs45

Mini Travelling-Guitar and stand. Dhs315

Oh….. what am I doing to myself??? The only thing that it good that I did today was transfering some money to my mum. Oh my gosh …. When I watched that movie just now, It made me realized that I am a glorified shopaholic indeed.