Thursday, 13 August 2009

Another step closer to my dream

I was in KL just for 28 hours ... and I was so exited to get to drive around for the first time ever! people said that if I can drive in KL, I would be alright driving everywhere else hahhahah .. well I hope that's right .
That was not the only reason that made me so exited! my dream to create my newest album is getting more more reachable now that I am one step closer to it.
Its been awhile now that I have been trying to make some songs and looking for people to work it with .... But so far I am to picky to actually make up my mind about who i am going to entrust it with. So finally I turn to Greg Handerson again for his expertise and experience working with me before. I know he is the only producer that actually understand Petronella Suan, when it comes to my singing and how to record me ... and I was not wrong at all.
Met up with him at his place, met his gorgeous wife and kid Mia, who grew up so tall and smart ..
Greg studio's is now home based. his place has 3 levels ... and his studio was right on the highest level... " too many stairs" that's what I told him as I was gasping for air when I reached his studio.
As I open the door, I recognized the smell that was always filling up the room with the smell of lavender. It was still like it was before I left for Dubai, But even more stuff placed around. I noticed he has been keeping himself busy with not only the music, but his painting as well.... lovely paintings everywhere ..... I saw some of my drawings that I made 5 years ago in this very room still ruling the same spot on his art wall.
Back to present. we started working on the song that I emailed to him earlier.... the groove was just too smooth, we came up with the right melody and recorded the final Demo for it. So hopefully we will have the song ready and I can go for vocal recording by my next visit to KL.
And knowing Greg, the song should be mixed and ready for its first Debut on Radio end of august 2009. Yupidoooo!!!!!!!!
So hang in there guys ... and look out for my first English song tittled " So Damn Lucky" inspired by my shining armor and my love for him.