Saturday, 7 June 2008

Kaamatan Tambunan - Sabah

These picture was taken on my last visit home.... I actually got the chance to attend one of the Harvest Festival held back in my village town .... so I am very exited.. theres actually more pictures. but I am just goin to put a lil of em ... anyways....enjoy!

Friday, 6 June 2008

Milano, Italio

Poet of a Free Spirit

When I started to write this title, I actually don't know what exactly what to write about. With a smile on my face, and a movie playing to cure my boredom, I feel like I am in a dream.... And I am missing someone dear to me so so much that it hurts. But hey, at least I have a little time to update my blog after so long.....

A spirit that lives in me
Breath and makes my heart beat
Make me whole in many ways
I wonder how I'd survive
without a simple kiss from my night wonderer
I cant imagine now
living this wonderful life without the warmth of its presents
I'd give everything to just feel its touch
feeling safe as my free spirit roar with eagerness
I hunger for a love that was promised to me
thirst for a hug or a kiss
I never thought I could love like this
I never thought that I see so many things
things I could only dream of
things that I could only wished for
Here my free spirit awaits
for it to be singing again
waiting for its prince to come home again
make me whole again....

Petronella Suan