Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Sayang Kinabalu - Nenad Zrnic

This is nenad and I thought him how to sing "Sayang Kinabalu". He impressed me quite a lot, not only for his singing but every effort he makes to learn this song for me ... :) which is sooooo sweet .... he is actually so shy , but because of me he sings it and made me so proud ! just wanna share to my fellow friends and all ... enjoy !


rogersja said...

FuuuuiiiiYoooh!!!! Gila eh pet....mantaps bha...hehehe... dusun mana tu?? kakaka... All the best lah..

p/s~paminat sa ni sama c Nenad...kirim salam ah...hehehe

Petronella Suan said...

ahhahahhha yeah kan buli tahan juga dia ni ehheheh ...

bah nanti sia kasi sampai salam kau tu